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The Khatt Foundation has initiated several projects over the last 10 years aimed at addressing the bilingual and dual-script needs of contemporary design in the Arab world. Their current project, Typographic Matchmaking in the Maghreb, works on creating four tri-script font families that bring the script traditions of Arabic, Tifinagh and Latin together. These three script traditions represent the Arab, Berber and European culture and the Typographic Matchmaking project nurtures this cultural dialogue through design research and collaboration. The Typographic Matchmaking in the Maghreb project explores the diversity of the Maghreb culture and at the same time works to find common grounds between the Arab, Berber and European cultures. The project is an unique and creative initiative that improves the dialogue and understanding between the European and Arab world. The Lutfia Rabbani Foundation granted two travel scholarships to the project for the period You can read the story of Jan de Bruin , one of the scholars.

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My first discoveries One of the first impressions I got of the Typographic Matchmaking, was an image of a huge three-dimensional shape with letters that I did not manage to read. The shape proved to be a mixture of both Latin and Arabic words, translating each other and forming a common text. As a matter of fact, it was a construction of the type font StoryLine, and one of the outcomes of the Typographic Matchmaking 2.

The project The first initiative to the Typographic Matchmaking took place in , the second in There is a lot to say about the project. The Typographic Matchmaking 1. The Typographic Matchmaking 2. Here, the focus is to bring the marriage between Arabic and Latin writing cultures to the three-dimensional city. Each team also deals with a different subject. It is inspiring to me that they immediately move away from the original classical type and experiment with both language types, starting from scratch.

Backgrounds I find it interesting to mention, that one of the reasons argued for the Typographic Matchmaking is, that because of the poor matches between the Arabic and Latin fonts, most bilingual design projects in the Middle East start in English before getting translated. Too often, the street sign you meet in the Middle East are written in a way that forces the Arabic language to adjust to the Latin language.

The basic idea is thus to create new fonts that work both in Latin and Arabic, and especially to find types that create harmony between the different language structures.

Typographic Matchmaking: Building Cultural Bridges with Typeface Design

Adobe Garamond Pro is a revival of an old style serif of 16 th-century France that channels the strong, precise forms of its metal predecessor and possesses a delicate flow from stem to foot. Its varied stroke thickness and humanist axis point to handwritten forms of broad nib pens. It is a reliable neutral with a spirited, dynamic italic. Its condensed proportions and tight letterspacing are effective for periodicals.

Archer is a geometric slab serif designed for Martha Stewart Living magazine. Gentle curves, bouncy ball terminals, and a nod to antique tradition soften its authoritative strokes.

Matchmaking Handwriting is an exclusive characters set, perfectly managed with well spaced and kerning. The theme style of this font will.

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The guide will cover the technical aspects. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to join the discussion.

Indian Matchmaking’s Nadia Talks About Being One of the First Guyanese Representation on TV

The new Netflix series “Indian Matchmaking” brings to light an ancient tradition that is still going on today. Log In. Keep it Clean. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language. Don’t Threaten.

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But being an Indian woman , and rarely seeing myself represented on the small screen in dating show contexts, I knew I had to watch it as soon as it aired. My expectations were low, but somehow I was still disappointed. The series follows Taparia as she meets with clients including Akshay, Pradhyuman and Ankita, finds out what they want, and aims to set them up with their perfect match.

But rather than point out that the caste system which ranks Hindus through a hierarchical structure is, in theory, abolished but still holds sway, the show sidesteps it entirely. In its place, there is veiled language. This is what bothered me the most. We have Akshay, who wants to uphold gendered roles with his choice of wife. She claims her blood pressure will be through the roof until her son finds an appropriate match who she approves of.

On the other hand, we see Taparia constantly telling her female clients they are being too demanding in their lists of what they want in a partner. She makes it clear that they are the ones who need to adjust to make their matches more compatible. In that, the roles of men and women are set.

Dating sites turn to pets as matchmaking criteria

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Eventually, all these fonts were further developed and became part of the collection of established font foundries. One type design received the TDC award for.

Now we are looking at pairing typefaces — definitely a difficult task that requires a balance of knowledge, eye experience, and boldness. One of the most common questions we have encountered over the past fifteen years as professional type designers is about combining typefaces. How can you successfully pair fonts? What general guidelines can be applied to find the right match? What are the pitfalls? Starting is often the hardest part. The first useful steps toward a happy typographic match are to define clear goals, to analyse the content being designed, and to understand its structure, function, and audience.

Appropriate font selection read our article here also plays an important role in this initial process.

Typographic matchmaking

The show, which has generated a lot of buzz online, follows Sima Taparia, a high-profile matchmaker from Mumbai who sets couples up with prospective matches. While the show has triggered a debate on sexism, colourism and racism, it has managed to throw the spotlight on the age-old Indian custom of arranged marriage. Over the last two decades, several Bollywood films and reality TV shows have explored the concept of arranged marriages in their own way and have done justice to the theme.

Talia Goldstein, 33, had just launched the successful matchmaking website “​Three Day Rule” when she became pregnant with her first child.

Next, print out the matched groups using the MatchResult object returned from the PatternMatcher interface. Since the logEntry string contains the pattern to be matched, you could expect the following output:. Your next task is to churn through your company’s HTML pages and perform an analysis of all of a font tag’s attributes. The typical font tag in your HTML looks like this:. Your program will print out the attributes for every font tag encountered in the following format:.

In this case, I would suggest that you use two regular expressions. The second regular expression, shown in Figure 12, breaks down each individual attribute into a name-value pair:. Let’s now discuss the code to achieve this. First, create the two regular expression strings and compile them into a Pattern object using the Perl5Compiler.

Use the Perl5Compiler. If the content of the html string contains the font tag, the matcher will return true , and you’ll use the MatchResult object returned from the matcher object to get your first group, which includes all of your font attributes:. Next, create a PatternMatcherInput object. As previously mentioned, this object lets you continue matching from where the last match was found in the string; thus, it’s perfect for extracting the font tag’s name-value pair.

Woman sues matchmaking company, wins

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Read the full patch notes for all three platforms below:.

Curator: Huda Smitshuijzen-Abi Fares Assistant Curator: Brahim Boucheikha The goals of the Typographic Matchmaking projects are to nurture cultural.

Type Design Masters will share their knowledge and experiences in designing for bilingual and multicultural audiences. With the rise of global markets, now more than ever before, visual communication often has to operate across cultural borders. This includes mixing script on a single page or design, scripts such as Latin and Arabic coexisting in one font family is no longer exceptional. The ability to match scripts that have different structures, histories and stylistic connotations is today a powerful skill and tool for designers.

At the occasion of a study trip to Dubai, students in the Type Design masters program from ECAL University of Arts, Lausanne, Switzerland dove into those questions – especially crucial in a world heavily relying on written communication. He designs both retail fonts distributed by Type Foundry and custom projects. She specializes in multilingual typographic research and design, with focus on Arabic typography.

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