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That’s right, after so many similar RPGs have been released in Japan, Atlus, famous for Ogre Battle and other great titles, finally tests the audience of the U. From old-school RPGamers to those just starting, the word has been to watch this one, and not from a distance. However, it has many merits that may earn it that title anyway. Thousand Arms will not overwhelm you with graphics, or play the game for you in movies. The draw to Thousand Arms is a realism of a different nature. Anime characters and old style sprites with emoticons, akin to Final Fantasy V, the interaction of the people, and especially the other characters, is what makes Thousand Arms a true experience to play. More than once you may find yourself blushing at the screen, or yelling as your foe falls.

Thousand Arms

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Thousand Arms was hardly the first to do this, but it was one of the first to Sega on Sakura Taisen, his own hybrid of strategy/RPG and dating simulator. Meis and Sodina’s band of allies grows to include the gynophobic.

One day, the dark acolytes attack the slumbering village, and Meis is thrown out of his ancestral home. Barely reaching the capital city, Boyzby, he meets Sodina, a young girl whose brother, Jyabil, happens to be a master spirit blacksmith. Jyabil takes Meis as an apprentice, but the Dark Acolytes have their sights set on Boyzby as well Thousand Arms is an RPG, and it’s got all the standard trappings of one – if you’ve played any game in the genre, Thousand Arms should be immediately accessible.

Red Company, the developer, has been at this for years, spawning many immensely popular titles – Sega’s Sakura Wars, for example – that unfortunately haven’t been released in the United States. The company’s expertise shows; nothing seems awkward or out of place, and it all flows. What makes Thousand Arms unique is the master system, in which you use your powers as a spirit blacksmith to reforge your party’s weapons, adding power and spells to them.

Where do you draw this mystical power from? Being a spirit blacksmith is tough; in addition to the master points you use to reshape the metal, you’ll need the support of a girl to achieve your results.

Thousand Arms Character Profiles

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It’s a fairly average RPG with dating sim elements baked into it. Even with this exposure, Thousand Arms was likely one of the earliest and most accessible titles in the west that Sodina Asking An Impossible Question.

The more intimate you become with the other female cast members, the more spells and abilities you have access to. When I played it in , it still seemed unique. Revisiting it today, it feels surprisingly shallow. In , dating sims and visual novels were nothing new. They were popular genres that were already intermingling with RPGs by the mid 90s with titles like Sakura Wars as well as Blue Breaker.

That was in Japan though. While rare, some bits of the genre made it to America in the late 90s. Harvest Moon offered companions for your farming simulator life. Even the popular Final Fantasy VII featured some light elements, yet they were largely hidden from the player. Image Source: GameFaqs. In the late 90s they localized titles like Season of Sakura and Runaway City. Even with this exposure, Thousand Arms was likely one of the earliest and most accessible titles in the west that focused on these elements.

It released when JRPGs were rocketing in popularity in this hemisphere. There were a lot of eyes on this space in , so it got more attention than it previously would have.

Thousand Arms (Sony PlayStation 1, 1999)

Game Information Meis Triumph lives in the nature-rich town of Kant deep within the countryside of Tradguld. He has no worries and lives with his loving family who happens to be powerful Spirit Blacksmiths. Then the Dianova brought their war-machine crashing down on his quiet life. Everyone was forced to flee in terror and Meis became separated from the family he loved.

Thousand Arms. PS · Leaderboard Guides Resources Streams Forum Statistics Sub- Full dating guide for backup intimacy grinding.

October 18, Web posted at: p. Atlus gets into the action with Thousand Arms, a cute and compelling RPG that, with a quirky story, lovable characters and anime style, may steal some of the spotlight from the big guys. The all-new dating game Meis Triumph is a “spirit blacksmith,” latest in a long line of craftsmen with the power to imbue swords with the powers of elemental spirits. The noble Triumph family is disgraced when the Dark Acolytes attack their homeland, forcing Meis and his folks to flee.

You take Meis and restore his good name, defeat the Dark Acolytes and save the world. Oh, and you must also date a lot of beautiful women along the way. Got it? In a unique twist to the RPG genre, Thousand Arms mixes in a Japanese dating simulation, challenging players to rely on their mackin’ abilities to help them get through the game.

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Due to that stigma, the dating simulator is a genre of game the US is not quite ready for. Therefore, a quirky, offbeat RPG such as Thousand Arms would not be Jyabil is Sodina’s brother, and a skilled spirit blacksmith who takes on Meis as.

The RPG aspect is fairly original. The lead three characters in your party take on the enemies and you can swap out characters to be in front. The battles are fairly small max 3 opponents and 3 heroes and the two secondary characters can only cast spells or use items, but the game managed to be good enough to get players to ignore these points. Some of the most frustrating points was the fact that you needs to gather spirit energy by defeating opponent to upgrade your weapons and you could only gain new spells by dating girls and then forging spells into your weapons.

The good points were the art, the fairly original story name another game where a somewhat lecherous blacksmith is actually the hero or where the secret powers can only be unlocked by dating? If you want all the spells and powers, you’ll be playing for the better part of 60 hours your first few times through. The dating is what truly sets this game apart from most others and makes this game a bit more true to the genre.

There are nine girls you can date, four are almost always with you and five others reside in towns. In towns where you can date, you can head to numerous spots in the town and go through ten questions which are random and occassionally outright bizarre in nature. If you like or prefer mini-games, then you can do that instead of dating.

Each girl wants different presents, so something Sodina might swoon over will get the stink eye from Metalia. The dating consists of answering questions, but don’t think that it might be easy.

Sodina(Thousand Arms)

Thousand Arms follows the goggle-sporting protagonist Meis Triumph as he chases cute girls and a dark villain across the world, eventually concluding with a classic role-playing game ending. The game could probably be best described as a “romantic comedy RPG”, perhaps even “harem comedy” though it features plenty of combat as well. It was also noted for having a large amount of voice acting, rare for games of the time, and for occasionally breaking the fourth wall.

The game takes place on a “steampunk” type of world. The Dark Acolytes, a mysterious organization of cyborgs and robots, is trying to find the five legendary Sacred Flames, and bring chaos to the World in the process.

I originally ran across Thousand Arms as a teenager when it was Maisu dates Sodina, the girl he truly likes, but dates a lot of other girls too.

There, we find Jyabil and a new camera angle. I’ll test your skill as a Spirit Blacksmith. Repeat what I do. Alright, so the short version is that we now get to play a version of Simon Says. Jyabil moves and acts in a random pattern with a set number of steps, then Meis has to repeat it using those controls on the screen.

Here, have an example: Simple enough, right? In fact, it was so simple that I kept screwing up at first by trying to do more than what was required. Anyway, my reward for not screwing up too badly is 50 MP. Not bad for 5 minutes of following the leader. You have quick reflexes, but your heart isn’t in your actions. Train your mind and skill. Was that two sentences already?

Meet the girls, save the world in Thousand Arms for the Playstation

In the quiet country of Tradguld, there are many sleepy little towns. Langoud rests on the coast, Sharan is the floating city where most of the trade and business is done, and Myscatonia is clouded in mystery and wonder. Each city has nothing in common with the other except for the fact they share the same country. That is until the Dianova sets their sights on them.

Thousand Arms Character Profiles. These profiles are Sodina Dawnfried, age Hometown: There are four ‘bonus’ women to date, however. Try to find.

Meis Triumph, age 16 Hometown: Kant, a town in the countryside of Tradguld. Personality: Very true to himself, for better or for worse. And what’s right is his passion for the opposite sex. Note: The son and heir to the Triumphs, a noble family of Spirit Blacksmiths. Very passionate, especially towards women of his type, which pretty much covers any girl that’ll talk to him.

Regarded by most people as an easy-going playboy, but he has a strong sense of responsibility. Sodina Dawnfried, age 15 Hometown: Boyzby, capital of Tradguld. Personality: A down-to-earth girl, who believes in Meis, no matter what. Note: Honest, cheerful, and kind towards everybody. But whenever Meis shows interest in other girls, she gets a bit jealous and acts accordingly. Most likely with a slap to Meis’ head.

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