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In this Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5 answers guide , we’ll provide you with all the Persona 5 answers throughout the game, including answers for the Midterm exams , Finals exams , and more. You’ll have all the Persona 5 answers by the end of this guide, so you can cheat your way to the top of the class and ace every test. We’ll split Royal from the original game, as the answers are slightly different. Should you need help in any other areas of Persona 5 that aren’t school test answers or Persona 5 exam answers , then we have a wealth of other guides on the game over on our guides hub for Persona 5 , such as how to fuse Personas to create other, more powerful Personas, as well as how to level up the Confidant Social Links. It’s a good selection of guides, even if we do say so ourselves. Persona 5 Royal is the upgraded edition of the base game from , complete with new characters, new dungeons, and most importantly of all, new questions for you to answer in the classroom.


There are 3 Friendship Point and also 1 Love Point available :. There are 4 Friendship Point and also 1 Love Point available :. There are 4 Friendship Points and also 1 Love Point available :. There are 3 Friendship Points and also 1 Love Point available :. There are 1 Friendship Point and also 2 Love Points available :.

Getting 1 correct answer will give you a fact for that girl. Info like: Quest name, Start and End dates, Conditions to complete the quest, rewards, and a couple of.

In the previous part, due to an unfortunate event, most of your friends found out that you have a crush and pretty much all of them are eager to find out who it is. Eventually, you decided to ask your crush out on a date, and both Charlie and Tonks offered to help you with that. Shortly after that, Charlie will ask if you think Zonko is a good spot for a first date. Saying yes will result in some hilarious lines of dialogue, but eventually, both choices will end up with the same outcome, so feel free to pick whichever one you want.

Doing so requires earning five stars within three hours. Be sure to slide the screen left and right to see all the available actions. Now is the time to look for the good date location. Head to the Three Broomsticks when you are ready. Tap on those if you are interested to find out what they have to say.

Cassio?? – Everything Cassio in this thread.

Like many mobile games though, your actions are all controlled by different currencies — in this case: wings, coins, and gems. As well as raising your affinity with each of the boys through the main BTS and Another Story chapters, you can collect and craft cards featuring the entire band, while also building up their stats with Agency quests. The best outcome is to get a large spinning heart pop up when you make your choice.

To cheat and take a sneak peek at all the right answers, check out this huge community-created spreadsheet of every single answer in the game linked below. The spreadsheet is sorted by character rather than by chapter.

You can only date Rachel, Carol and at later time Shasha and Sarah no other with Maria’s quest, so continue the Special Lessons with Jet and If you cheat for.

Since , CheatCodes. To find all the latest cheats, guides, hints and tips, visit CheatCodes. Check PlayStation 2 cheats for this game Check Wii cheats for this game. Introduction and Copyright 2. History and Updates 3. Gameplay 4. Feelgood c Second Castaway – Ms. Characters 6. Collection 7.

Siri Answers 60+ Funny Questions

Obey Me! Shall we date? In the game, you will be following the story of different characters; you get to interact with them through voice calls, texting, tasks special guest , events, and more means. It features an intimacy system; as you interact with the characters, their intimacy level will increase and you will unlock their stories on Devilgram and you might get phone calls from them.

Other than these main characters, you can get demon characters or cards from the nightmare. From these battles, you get the items and currency that you will need to strengthen the demon cards.

The goal of a dating sim is to raise your Relationship EXP with characters and after falling in love, to have a happy ending with them. Raising your Relationship​.

Location: Cragslane Cavern. This quest should be triggered after first encounter with Bishop. Location: Is in any town. Talk to Bishop and he will ask to show you a surprise dialogue Location Nilheim Tower. Location: In Whiterun ; Bannered Mare. Scene between Neeshka, Bishop, Daniel the Bartender. Location: Not in Whiterun. Is in interior. Location: Performing Bard Added to the map on installation. In Windhelm ; Candlehearth Hall second story of building in front of fireplace.

Location: Not in Windhelm. Is Not in interior. At Solitude Docks ; At the top of the stairs that lead down to the ships.

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Jump to navigation. Throughout your GreedFall playthrough you can recruit, befriend, and in some cases even romance a core cast of NPC companions, each with their own personalities, backstories, and desires. Below we break down which companions can be romanced, the conditions you need to meet for wooing them, and the benefits you unlock for gaining their trust or capturing their hearts. As your bond with a particular companion grows, the boost will also grow in strength.

Why can’t CASSIO be an option to date? Still, I want that guy but what if he cheats on us? Lol I slept with him in the first quest (which is more than happened with my husband, thank u for the answers, nice to meet u, too.

It looks like you’re new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! New Posts. I want that to happen. Please GLU make it happen pretty please. Also it seems like the amount of fans we can get hasn’t been updated forever. I am stuck! May You have to give them creators time to update. You can just not play until the next main storyline and fan count to rise.

Walkthrough – Guide for The Sims 2: Castaway

Your sims can now marry! Is the prize worth it? I have missed this quest!

In our Python datetime tutorial, for example, you’ll also learn how to work with dates and times in pandas. Pandas Cheat Sheet: Guide. First, it.

There is a scene that occurs during a playthrough at the end of Disc 1 when the team returns to Gold Saucer. This scene involves the main character of the game, Cloud, going out on a date with one of the other characters. Who he goes out with is largely dependent on choices that you make throughout the game. Throughout the Jegged. Decisions that you make as you playthrough the game, including whom you talk to and how you answer their questions, are pointed out as they come up.

They are also listed below for convenience. While this date scene has little relevance to the overall story and game itself, there is a trophy that you can obtain if Barret is the one to go out on the date with Cloud. Selecting Barret is quite hard to do though unless you follow a very specific set of steps. The trophy that you can obtain the PlayStation 4 version of the game is called the Best Bromance Trophy. Each character that Cloud can go out on a date with Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie and Barret start with a certain number of points.

These points are hidden; you cannot tell how many points each character has.

Apostle – Full Walkthrough

For this request , you need to talk to a gamer in the Shibuya arcade to unlock some intel for it. Upon finding the cheater’s Shadow, you won’t be able to land a hit on it. This fight can’t be won on your first attempt so just use your regular melee attacks. You will need to leave Mementos and seek out a highly-skilled gamer at the arcade in Electric Town Akihabara and ask him to train you.

A full walkthrough for Kamichichi’s RPG Apostle. In order to date Mika Kudou, you need to head to the Red Light District out the left side of the room for Trouble Quest #1, delivering a love letter. – | – Game Guides, Walkthroughs, Tips & Tricks, Cheat Codes and Easter Eggs.

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