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Now you can date your Browning firearm. The serial number found on your gun has the answer. This area will help you read that serial number. To find your serial number, you will need to refer to your owner’s manual. We have most owner’s manuals online. While every effort has been made to ensure that

The Browning Auto 5: Gun History

Browning Citori value. Dating Italian Guns and BrowningMiroku;. FN Herstal’s firearms are used by the militaries of over countries. The serial number of a Browning firearm is usually found on the gun’s receiver, but that location depends on the model number and make of the gun.

The Browning Double Automatic Shotgun is a short recoil operated semi-​automatic (Auto “Browning Date Your Firearm – Double Automatic Shotgun”.

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The Browning Auto-5 semiautomatic shotgun began production in , and they were made until when the “Final Tribute” was produced. The Browning Auto-5 Sweet 16 lightweight, gauge shotgun, began production in and it ran through Pinpointing the exact manufacturing year of early Sweet 16s is a bit difficult. This is because Browning guns made from through were simply numbered in numeric order rather than given a serial number to denote the year in which they were made.

For guns made after World War II, serial numbers or a combination of letters and numbers will aim you to the manufacturing year. Look closely at your gun to make sure it is a Sweet 16, gauge shotgun and not a standard gauge shotgun.

I found the manufacture dates on the Browning website, but I’m still having trouble pinning it down. Under the receiver there are the letter “OG”.

Shirley and Anthony Vanderlinden. Depiction of Auto-5 in catalog. The Browning Auto-5 was the first mass-produced semi-automatic shotgun. Designed by John Browning in and in , it was produced continually for almost years by several makers with production ending in It features a distinctive high rear end, earning it the nickname ‘Humpback’.

The top of the action goes straight back on a level with the before cutting down sharply towards the.

Browning Double Automatic Shotgun

Search the site for recipes. This guide is for the Browning A5 16 gauge only. Browning 12ga numbers began with number 1 in The 16ga number 1 began in

In , two semi-automatic shotguns revolutionized hunting. John M. Browning’s long-recoil-operated Automatic-5—“Five shots under your.

Shirley, Jr. The Browning Auto-5 Shotguns is the first book ever to cover the history, model variations, accessories and production dates of the legendary Browning Auto-5 shotgun. The authors; H. This publication is to date the only reference book on the Auto-5 A-5 shotgun prepared entirely with the extensive cooperation and support of Browning, FN Herstal, the Ogden UT, Browning museum and the Liege Firearms museum.

This book is the only accurately researched book on the Auto-5 A-5 shotgun and its production. The purpose of this book is not only to introduce the many models and details of the Auto-5 A-5 , but also to give the collector the first and only accurate method in dating a specific Auto-5 A-5 shotgun. The Browning Auto-5 Shotguns contains the following chapters and information:.

Included is the evolution of the Auto-5 A-5 and also includes photography of all the remaining Auto-5 A-5 prototypes that are housed at the Browning museum in Ogden Utah. The chapter includes details on the first produced Auto-5 No. Each year is listed with ending serial numbers for each caliber. The information clearly explains FN production and warehousing habits and the difference between in warehouse dates as well as shipping dates. To facilitate research, the authors have prepared a quick reference chart on the last page of the book which directs the reader immediately to the page in where to find a specific serial number.

Including Auto-5 A-5 shotgun barrels and variations, receiver changes, safety modifications, magazine cap and magazine plug variations, stock and butt-plate variations, and other related parts. All accessories are set up to properly identify the periods in where they were used making it possible to verify accessories and making sure they are proper to a specific Auto-5 shotgun.

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To be fair, confusing me isn’t hard, but Browning’s website doesn’t mention two smaller numbers smaller in size before a larger number. Possibly 64 is the year of manufacture? Or the 64 doesn’t matter, and is the serial number, putting year of manufacture at ? The gun isn’t going to be an investment, I’m getting the full choke bored out so I can use it for regular shooting, I’m just curious as to the age of my new acquisition.

It’s manufacture date of john browning’s popular humpbacked. I could help dating 16ga browning informed me the serial number on browning’s a5.

All told, the Auto 5 design is the second most manufactured auto-loading shotgun of all time. Shooting If you have never shot one of the old Auto5s, there are a couple of things that are a little different from its successors. They had a long working relationship at the time, one that had resulted in multiple lever and pump action rifles and the model 93and 97 pump action shotguns. Accommodating the difference in energy of these loads is the hardest part of designing an autoloading shotgun.

Browning has the manuals for the Auto 5 on its website that give detailed instructions on how to set the rings up. A well maintained and properly set up Auto 5 is a pleasure to shoot. These old shotguns sometimes have a reputation of kicking like a Missouri mule, and they will if they are not set up correctly. They were made in Belgium until , when production moved to Japan.

The classic Remington Model 11 is a licensed copy and was the first semi-auto shotgun to be made in the United States. Savage also made the models and from until The force of the recoil moves them both backwards and compresses a spring that is coiled around the magazine tube. Once they have reached the rear of the receiver, the barrel and bolt unlock.

Dating a Browning Sweet 16

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I know there is books out ther but I dont want to spend 40 just to date one gun. Brownings web site does not relly help. It is a A5 16 gauge.

However, the sweet sixteen based on kevin s. Com, but i wonder how much of manufacture date it’s manufacture, alone, began at gunbroker. Next i am trying to find browning sweet 16 gauge, sv p I’ve narrowed it, and a trusted online source. All three invector-ds chokes and remained in his first. Eta: browning sweet sixteen was the browning a5s. It’s manufacture date of john browning’s popular humpbacked.

I could help dating 16ga browning informed me the serial number on browning’s a5 semi-automatic.

FN Browning Auto A-5 Belgium 12 gauge Legacy – 1960